Seven EVE Online PVP Tips


Seven EVE Online PVP Tips

    When I started playing Eve Online I had no idea how fun PVP could be. When you begin your life in Eve Online it’s in a High Sec system. You are just trying to understand the game. There are so many unknowns in Low Sec. What if you lose the ship you worked so hard to get into ? Eve Online is a game have fun. If you never try PVP then you are missing, for me the best part of the game. Buy a ship you are willing to lose, fit it for PVP and get into Low Sec.   

1.  Hold your cloak.

When you jump into a low sec system you are cloaked. If a gate camp is set up pirates have their finger on target lock and are waiting for victims to uncloak. Some pirates can lock very fast. To avoid this double click in front of your ship and immediately hit your micro warp drive. Pray that you are able to get out of targeting range. Select your destination and warp.

2. Move away from the warp point.

 Every time you warp to a destination in Low Sec you arrive at the same point. Start moving as soon as you arrive. Any would be pirates will warp right on top of you (Right where they want to be.) if you hang around the warp point. If you move away from that point, out of target range, it is harder for the pirate to get a lock, and easier for you to warp out in time.

3. Keep your eye on local.

 When someone new jumps into local check them out. Hit show info on their name. See how long they have been playing the game compared to yourself. Look that person up on the BattleClinic kill board especially if you are thinking of engaging. Does the target have friends? How many of the same corp members are in local? Remember if you engage one you engage them all. They will most likely be fleeted and be just a second away.

4. Keep your eye on your scanner.

If I am looking for someone I set my scanner to max and I set my overview to PVP this way I am looking at other players rather then everything else. If you are ratting set your scanner to a reasonable distance and at 360 degrees this way you can tell if someone is approaching  you.

5. Select your targets carefully.

 If you are going to engage mEve Online ship lasersake sure you know the capabilities of your ship. Have a good understanding of the target ship as well. Don’t be afraid to lose. The great thing about Eve Online is that you can engage anybody at anytime. (Of course in High Sec Concord will blow up your ship.). Fly what you can afford and mix it up every now and then.

A quote from a friend.

For me much of PVP is about timing and Intel.


6. Set safe spots.

Turn your afterburner/MWD on and fly to the most remote out of the way spot that you can find and set a bookmark. If you get into trouble you can warp to this spot and it will make it very difficult for anyone to scan you down. I like to have three of these spots so that I can warp between them making it frustrating on anyone who might have scanner probes.

7. Congratulations!

You got that kill. Your excited to jump back to a known system and sell your loot. Don’t ! If you engaged that makes you a criminal. When you jump to the gate the gate guns will blow you away. Fly to your safe spot and wait the fifteen minutes to cool down or warp around the belts killing rats. I have lost ships this way it’s no fun.

 We would like to hear your tips and tricks for Eve Online. Please comment below.

Fly safe and have fun.

All pictures in this post came from Eve Online Pictures.


About Jerry

Jerry is a Children's Pastor and the founder of Coalition of Christian Gamers. He is married and has three children. He can't aim so you will find him on a respawn binge in most First Person Shooters. Username: cocgblog on Steam and Origin.


  • Feb 25, 2012 @ 11:11 am

    I’d love to see a Fantasy MMO adopt Eve’s ufovrgining nature. There’s so little to differentiate them these days. I think such an MMO could find an audience. It is a very different feeling, that’s for sure. In WoW death was merely an inconvenience, and I never thought twice about plunging into a dangerous area. Eve makes me think about every action. I weigh the pros and cons, and ask myself if I can afford to take the risk. Really having assets on the line makes Eve a lot more exhilarating. It also makes the successes that much more sweet.Eve tolerates no fools. Play smart, and the rewards can be great.

    • Feb 29, 2012 @ 3:47 am

      There is very little risk or loss in most online games. I think the developers are scarred to punish the player who makes foolish decisions. When in reality, knowing you will acquire some kind of loss gives more value to the game and makes you feel more apart of the universe/world. Nobody likes to play poker with M&M’s they want to experience the risk of losing or gaining something.

  • Nick Jo
    Jul 16, 2012 @ 5:04 am

    Treyah is my ingmae name – I’ll help any new player coming to Eve, just message me in game :)

    God bless and have fun o/

  • USGAnthrax
    Dec 10, 2012 @ 11:38 am

    Tip N°1 is the exact way to … NOT SURVIVE a GateCamp… LoL

    MWD makes you signature REALLY Bigger… so ships target you faster…!

    just warp to the aligned spot or hit AB if you want ; not the MWD, unless you have cov ops cloak…

    or you’ll be salvaged ;)

  • Thurifer
    Jul 6, 2014 @ 2:04 am

    My wife has asked how I square my Christian ideals with EVE. I tell he there is no conflict. Just as in chess you would not expect someone to NOT go after your king, in EVE you can be , and expect everyone else to be ruthless and cutthroat because …. THAT IS THE GAME. Its not personal…it’s the way the game is played…anything else and it would not be half as fun …and not EVE


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