Mass Effect 3 Demo 1st Look


Mass Effect 3 Demo 1st Look

The Mass Effect 3 demo came out on the 14th of February. Hello, Bioware that’s Valentines day. Of course those of us who are married or in a significant relationship had a choice to make the Mass Effect 3 demo or a romantic evening with our loved ones.


I resisted the temptation of the home wrecking Bioware team and chose to spend a romantic evening with my wife. I had to put playing the Mass Effect 3 demo off until a much less intense day. I chose the 15th.

I am not going to try to give a complete review here but wanted to write a few words about what I saw in the first few minutes of game play.

There may be some spoilers ahead for those of you who haven’t played the demo yet.

It took me about 40 minutes to complete both of the missions provided in the mass effect 3 demo.

The story grabbed my attention right from the start with the reintroduction of Ashley into the mix and the looming threat of the Reapers.

The facial expressions of the characters were spot on and seemed to convey real emotion which was a must considering the exceptional voice talent involved.

I played the PC version of the Mass Effect 3 Demo which was a stretch for me because I had played the X-Box version of the first two releases. Umm..Yea, the keyboard being the big difference.

I also tried the multiplayer mode, it seemed to be satisfying. I am a PVP kinda guy and would have really enjoyed shooting at something besides bots.

The Game is rated mature 17 and there was some cursing in the demo the most offensive being (drum roll) you guessed it the GD. Come on developers if you’re going to use curse words stay away from that one it’s very offensive.

There is good reason Mass Effect is the most anticipated game of 2012, and from the looks of the Mass Effect 3 demo Bioware has gone above and beyond to make sure the game lives up to the hype.

Mass Effect 3 is scheduled to be released on March 6th. I gave the demo 4 stars in anticipation of the full release.

I have included the play through of the 1st and 2nd part of the demo.


Mass Effect 3 Demo Update MultiPlayer

Since I made this  Post I have recorded some multiplayer headshots. You can view them below.


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If you have any comments about the Mass Effect 3 demo then speak up by leaving your remarks below.

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Jerry is a Children's Pastor and the founder of Coalition of Christian Gamers. He is married and has three children. He can't aim so you will find him on a respawn binge in most First Person Shooters. Username: cocgblog on Steam and Origin.

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